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About the Team - Di Kai

Age: 17
Country: Singapore
City: Singapore
Time Zone: GMT +8:00
School: Hwa Chong Institution

Team leader, flash introduction, content writing and research,

My collaboration with the team has been an enjoyable and enriching experience. We started out small, with only an idea of creating a website with the tsunami as the topic. Eventually, as more work was done, the idea was fully materialized into something substantial that doubled not only as a website but as well as a valuable learning experience for us all.

Ask not what I can do for my teammate and ask not what my teammate can do for I; ask what we can achieve together. With that notion in mind, I set out to work hand in hand with my team so when united, no wall high enough could stop us.

Besides, I had always advocated the use of computers to enhance learning and what better place to start than participating in ThinkQuest? The Internet is the impeccable tool for learning and I feel that we should make use of it further.

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