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About the Team - Jorrit Diepstraten

Age: 19
Country: The Netherlands
City: Veghel
Time Zone: GMT +1:00
School: Hogeschool van Utrecht

Assistant Coach (Technical issues and advice)

After the devastating tsunami of December 26 2004 I received the request to join a team that wanted to create a website about this awful incident. Their goal was to inform people about the December 26 disaster and about tsunamis in general. They expected that the topic would die down after the extensive media coverage during the first days. Because the reconstruction and aftercare could be even more valuable than the first emergency help, it's important to maintain the public awareness. For example the moving flash introduction on this website is a result of that thought.

The members of this international team, Di Kai, Ming Han, Philip and Tze Yi from Singapore, Pak Chuen from Hong Kong and Ahmed from Egypt, were really determined to reach their goals. They organized online and face to face meetings and talked about their ideas and work. My tasks were quite limited as this team showed good skills regarding content, design and technology. But they also had the social skills that are needed in this kind of projects: by compromising and negotiating they overcame the obstacles that crossed their way. They persevered and their hard work resulted in this extensive website that was finished in less than three months.

Congratulations to all team members and I wish you good luck with your future activities!

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