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About the Project

It has been quite an adventure creating "Tsunami: A Magnitude of Terror" and compiling all the necessary information to make the site substantial for viewing. The earthquake and a resulting tsunami on 26th December 2004 have affected countless and it was a hot topic during the months of January and Feburary 2005 in newspapers, magazines and televisions, yet this topic has since died down following the aftermath of the incident. The need to raise public awareness to the incident still lingers out there.

With that notion in mind, Tze Yi, Philip, Ming Han and Di Kai came together to explore the possibility of creating a website which could provide information to users who are interested to know more about the December 26th 2004 earthquake and the resulting tsunami. It was an uphill task for the four of them to communicate initially due to a lack of a communications tool until Ming Han found their assistant coach, Jorrit Diepstraten, who was a past winner in the October 2003 competition.

Almost all our content is edited in Microsoft Word before being published onto the web. These word documents were uploaded to a FTP server provided by Jorrit for other members to download, edit and then upload it again.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Their first meeting was a lengthy one and they discussed for some three hours to decide on the areas of focus for the project.

A further two weeks was spent debating on the title of the project. Several titles were thought of, including The Great Tsunami, Asia's Big One and Waves of Horror, before they decided on Tsunami: A Magnitude of Terror. The title itself carries weight and its meaning simple.

Discussing the possible titles for the website.

Our previous design which had an uninteresting colour scheme and a rather bad approach to design. The new design appeared soon after this design was met with disapproval.

Planning started and the team realized that they needed the assistance of an experienced coach to supervise the handling of the content and the team's geography teacher, Sunita Nair, readily agreed to do so. Furthermore, there was a need for cultural diversity in the team and after months of searching, the team found Ahmed from Egypt who also happened to be another past winner in the October 2003 competition and Pak Chuen from Hong Kong who studies in the same school as the rest of the team.

Communication via a forum provided by Jorrit and through email was the main way of the team working together. The forum provided the team a medium to post their views and suggestions on issues pertaining to the layout, programming, content even though they had different schedules.

Screenshot of our forums, which was one of our main communications tool between the team members. Suggestions, contents, images and various related items were posted in the forums for the rest of the team to view at suitable times.

The HTML coding was done manually and was not generated by a programme. One of the most challenging part of the project was to publish the content onto the web through editing several thousand lines of HTML code.

The team also sought permission from various people and organizations for permission to use their images and other resources. Although several organizations turned them down, they were not discouraged and kept searching for new resources until they found the right one.

Discussion of matters related to content.

Not every race is smooth sailing. Many obstacles such as differing ideas and mentality hindered progress of the project but the team persevere through sheer hardwork. Everyone knew that it would be impossible to achieve anything alone. There was a need to compromise and accomodate and once the team stood united on the same ground, no walls were strong enough to slow them down.

Eventually, by maintaining daily communication between team members, the team was able to accomplish the uphill task of completing the website for the deadline for submission.

Designing the flash introduction. We wanted a flash introduction that could move viewers and make them empathize with the victims of the tsunami, thus the slow pace and the melancholic music.

Testing using Mozilla Firefox. We wanted to make sure that our website was compatible to as many users as possible hence we tested our website with various browsers.

Testing using Internet Explorer. It is important to test our website using the popular browsers so as to eliminate compatibility problems.

Content Outline