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For comparison, the world's largest recorded earthquakes have been listed below. They have all been megathrust events, occurring where one tectonic plate subducts beneath another.

These include:

  • 1960 Chile earthquake (Magnitude 9.5)

    Tsunami Destruction at Hilo.
    Source: The Tsunami Page of Dr. George P.C.

  • 1964 Prince William Sound, Alaska earthquake (Magnitude 9.2)

    Both the railroad yard and seaport facilities at Seward, Alaska, received heavy damage.
    Source: University of Washington

  • 1957 Andreanof Islands, Alaska (Magnitude 9.1)

    Photo shows the arrival of a major wave at Laie Point on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii.
    Source: University of Washington

  • 1952 Kamchatka earthquake (Magnitude 9.0)

    Flooded street resulting from the arrival of the Kamchatka tsunami on Midway Island about 3,000 km away from the origin.
    Source: University of Washington (Photograph Credit: U.S. Navy. Source: National Geophysical Data Center.)


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