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Source: CIA World Factbook

In terms of the number of casualties, India was the 3rd worst hit country partly because a large section of its coastline was hard hit by the tsunami. The areas that were hit included the state of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Pondicherry and the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

With a death toll of 7,793, the state of Tamil Nadu was no doubt the worst hit on the mainland. In the Nagapattinam district alone there were 5,525 casualties, with entire villages having been destroyed. The Kanyakumari district has had 808 deaths and the Cuddalore district 599, the state capital Chennai 206 and Kancheepuram district 124.

The casualties in Kanyakumari include pilgrims taking a holy dip in the sea and visitors to the Vivekananda Rock Memorial. People playing and taking a Sunday morning stroll along the Marina beach in Chennai were washed away. In addition, the fishing villagers who lived along the shore and those out at sea were washed away as well. In Velankanni, in the district of Nagapttinam, most of the casualties were people visiting the Basilica of the Virgin Mary for Christmas and the residents of the town.

Operations at the nuclear power plant at Kalpakkam were suspended after sea water gushed into a pump station. There were no reports of any radiation leakage or damage to the reactor but 100 casualties were reported.

The official death toll for the Andaman and Nicobar islands is 812, and about 7,000 are still missing, presumed dead. At least one fifth of the population of the Nicobar islands are amongst the casualties. Entire islands were washed away and communications have yet been restored with the Nancowry group of islands, some of which have been completely submerged, leaving the total number people out of contact at 7,000.


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