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European Union

The European Union (EU) Commission has already agreed on donating 2 million to finance the first phase of the proposed Tsunami early warning system, which will service the Indian Ocean and improve the safety of the people living there.

In addition, the EU Commission has also provided 350,000 in preparation for the UN Conference mentioned above. It also expressed its eagerness in providing assistance in international efforts to develop tsunami warning systems. Its Commission services is also thinking of aiding in the setting up of an Indian Ocean Geo-physical hazards competence centre, which would co-ordinate the implementation of a tsunami early warning system in the area and deal with the transferring and sharing of technologies.

Furthermore, the European Union's Joint Research Centre or JRC is also trying to increase the capability of its earthquake detection system (Global Disaster Alert System) and expand it to cover tsunamis too. A tsunami crisis information service with maps and satellite images has also been proposed to support and provide first hand information to organisations and groups so that better aid can be proffered during times of emergency.

The JRC has also looked into the relevance and need for the EU to be developing more efficient procedures to utilize space technologies and expertise for crisis management and early warning systems.


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