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Suggested Precautions

In view of the ASIAN tsunami crisis, many people are now wondering what precautions they can take and tell tale signs of tsunami which they can look for in the event of a tsunami happening near the coasts.

At a Glance

  • Tsunami Walls
  • Mangrove Trees
  • Sirens
  • Warning Signs
  • References

Tsunami Walls

One of the more prominent countries which have implemented tsunami walls is Japan. Japan has extensively built tsunami walls of height 4.5 metres in some high density coastal areas. Other features accompanying the tsunami walls are floodgates and channel to redirect water in the event of a tsunami.

Tsunami Wall
Source: flickr

Mangrove Trees

Mangrove trees planted along the coasts can significantly help to reduce the destruction caused by tsunami waves as the mangrove trees can act as a barrier and reduce the force of the oncoming waves.

In addition, environmentalists believe that the removal of coastal mangrove trees could have intensified the effect of the tsunami in some locations.


It is important to install sirens on the beaches in tsunami prone areas in order to warn the local population of an incoming tsunami. Having sirens is effective because it is loud in delivering the warning. However, if the local population is uneducated and unprepared, panic may occur and it may result in a stampede.

Hence, there should also be education and warning exercise among the population situated along the coasts to prepare them for a future disaster.

Warning Signs

Warning signs are relatively important as they inform people, especially foreigners of the local dangers and appropriate action to take in case of a tsunami.

Tsunami Warning Sign
Source: US Geological Survey


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