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Animation of the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami.
Source: Wikipedia.org

A terrible disaster struck various countries on 26 December 2004, destroying countless homes and claiming the lives of thousands. The earthquake of magnitude 9.0 triggered a tsunami that ravaged coastlines of countries from two continents. The destruction was unprecedented and reconstruction could take months or even years. The international community has pledged to assist the affected countries and the task of rebuilding is underway.

The lives of many were destroyed instantaneously and countless more dead. Their homes, their way of life and their aspirations washed away. Indeed, the thunderous roar of the tsunami still echoes in their mind and it may take a long time to heal...

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Provides in depth information for causes of an earthquake and the formation of a tsunami.


Be aware of the devestating effect the tsunami had on the various countries around the world.

Relief Efforts

Find out what the international community is doing to help the afflicted countries. Learn about the processes of rebuilding.

Future Measures

Discover the precautions that experts, organizations and countries have planned to prevent such a terrible incident from happening.


A medium where students and educators can expand their knowledge through educational activities.


View images, listen to interviews or watch videos to get a better understanding of the situation.


Challenge yourself to our own quizzes and crossword puzzles on the disaster.


Information on the team which created this website, our experiences and acknowledgements.

Educational Purpose

Tsunami: Magnitude of Terror serves as an epicenter for information pertaining to the Tsunami. It aims to provide educators, students or anyone interested concise information on the causes, effects, relief efforts and future measures of the 26 December 2004 earthquake and the resulting tsunami.

This website features touching images, extensive case studies, and an online classroom for educators and students to further their knowledge and various multimedia such as videos that will aid learning.

The site provides extensive information on the incident and there are interactive activities such as flash games to enhance the learning experience. In addition, the site also provides a glossary for users to discover the meaning of new terms and there are also random quotes and facts at the side that will interest users.

The team hopes to educate people on how to recognize the signs of a tsunami and what to do during the event via this site. The team also wishes to raise public awareness of the disaster and hope that people from all around the world will continue to support tsunami relief efforts the world to alleviate the situation of the victims.

Net News
Former US Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior went on a tour of tsunami-hit countries to raise funds for those affected.