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The death toll following the tsunami crisis continues to climb as more bodies are found. One of the worst hit countries is Sri Lanka where entire villages were flooded. Aid workers are struggling to get enough emergency supplies to the survivors and to assess the damage. Miranda Kennedy reports from a coastal city devastated by the tsunami.

An advisor of the road food programme visited the relief camps in the coastal cities of gulf as he needed to see the situation there and how long people may need help on food. The road food programme would distribute food to about 3 quarter of a million people. The food is expected to last 2 weeks but after that, more money would be needed. If food is supplied to the victims, the time spent looking for food cab be spent on building their homes, fishing and farming.

There is still fear among victims who have lost their homes and livelihoods. It is expected to take years to deal with the full impact of the tsunami.

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Tsunami Devastates Sri Lanka

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