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Below are some amateur camcorder footage on the tsunami.

Note: The following videos are in the public domain and are taken from The Internet Archive.

Video Footage 1 - Koh Lanta, Thailand

No preview available.

Video Footage 2 - Patong Beach, Thailand

Rooftop view of two huge waves battering buildings along coastline of Patong Beach, then zoomed-in footage of flooding of city streets.

Video Footage 3 - Penang, Malaysia

Shot from walkway above the Penang Beach shore, long shot of ocean before three men are caught in battering waves.

Video Footage 4 - Sri Lanka

Video Footage 5 - Sri Lanka Resort

Shot from an upper level hotel balcony, overlooking a restaurant, pool area, and umbrella-filled deck. Entire area is quickly flooded as people cling to trees to survive. Two men narrate their concerns and observations throughout.

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